indian trying to be white

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an indian goes into a bar with a bucket of crap, and a cat. goes up to the bartender and saids me wont shot. the bartender says no. indian says me want shot. bartender says fine heres you shot. so the indian takes the shot, shoots the bucket of crap and takes a bite out the cat and leaves. next day the same indian goes to the same bar and asks for a shot. bartender says no to him. the indian says again me want shot. so the bartender gives him a shot. he takes the shot. shoots the bucket of crap and takes a bite out of the cat, and leaves. the third day comes by and he goes up to the bartender and says me want shot. bartenders saids sure but first you have to tell me why you shot a bucket of crap and take bite out of that cat. he says me trying to be like white man get drunk, shot crap, and eat pussy.


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CBI8C_indian trying to be white

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