10 things to do in line

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when you're waiting at the bank or anywhere in line, you can always do one of the following

1.pretend you've got gas and you really have to go to the washroom

2.come in a clown suit and ask if this is elizibeth's 7th birthday party.

3.start humming a song quitely but get louder and louder until you're praticly yelling( I did this once without knowing)

4.make farm animal noses and start eating paper

5.ask the person infront of you why the sky is blue then when you ask, quickly start saying you own dumb opisons like "i think becuase apples are red and the grass is green and the sun is yellow, that the only thing left was blue"

6.sing "she was a skater boy" by avril lavine and jump up and down with ur fist in the air

7.try and get every one to start signing "the wheels on the bus go round"

8.laugh really loud for no reason when its really qiet, and then do that again in 45 seconds

9. if noone is behind you,tap some one on the back and say it wasn't you.

10. try and budge, and people say that they where teir already start hitting them with your bag/purse and yell that they trying kidnap you really loud.


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