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Reaching the floor

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Jim meets his mate Jack in their local pub. Jack offers to buy Jim his drinks all night, no matter what the cost.

"Whats the occasion?" asks Jim. "I was walking down the beach yesterday and I found a lamp so I rubbed it and a genie appeared. He told me anyone who rubbed the lamp would be granted two wishes." said Jack. "So what did you wish for?" "I wished for an unlimited supply of money and to be able to get an erection whenever I want for the rest of my life." "Thats amazing" says Jim, "Can I have a try?"

Jack hands Jim the lamp, he rubs it and sure enough, the genie appears. "I will grant you two wishes" shouts the genie. Jim thinks for a minute and says "I wish I was the best looking man in the world." The genie says "It is granted" and in a puff of smoke Jim turns into the most attractive man on earth. Jim says "I also wish I had a penis that reached the floor." The genie says "It is granted" and in a puff of smoke Jim's legs fall off.


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