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The Two Bums

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There where two bums sittiing on a bench in the park when one asked the other:

Bum1:"How Munch Money we got?" Bum2:"2.50...why?" Bum1:"We're gonna buy a hot dog."

So the Bums Buy the hot dog.

Bum2:"Why did we buy a hot dog?" Bum1:"I got a Plan."

So they go to a bar and order a few beers, Eventualy The Bartender gives them the tab, and the bums use their plan.

The First bum puts puts the hotog in his pants, and the second bum starts sucking it. Now, in a dark, dreary bar you know what that looks like, so they get kicked out and they didn't have to pay.

So they go to a second bar and they order a few beers, get the tab, do the hotdog thing, and get kicked out without paying.

They do this to five more bars, after the seventh bar, the bum who's sucking says...

Bum2:"Hey man, Can we Switch, my mouth is realy startin to hurt."

and the other bum says...

Bum1:"Your Mouth! I lost the hotdog at the second bar!


How funny is this joke, video, picture?


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: bar, drinking sex, sexuality





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