Blonde Jockey

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Once, there was a Blonde who wanted to learn how to ride a horse and go into the world Championship. She decided that she had better start off a little easy by choosing a smaller horse.

She carefully approached the horse, and got on it slowly. It began to move at a steady pace, but it soon began to trot faster and faster! Since the horse was too small, the Blonde's bottom kept on sliding off. It was going too fast and it wouldn't pay attention to her yells! She gave up and in a last ditch attempt to save her from falling off, she decided to jump off the horse to safety. Unfourtenently, her foot was stuck in the reign.

So, she was dragged along the ground at top speed, defenseless against any obstacles. She was about to blank out, when Stan, the great walmart cashier saw her plight, and unplugged the horse.


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by jeania b. 1+ years ago

haha...that was actually one of the funniest blonde jokes I heard in a while. most of them are just stupid.

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CBBGK_Blonde Jockey

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