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Little Johnny and the Snake

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One night,Johnny wanted to take a bath. So he went into the bathroom and his mother was already in there. So he said,"mom can i take a bath with you?" She said," can you wait until I am finished to take you bath?" Johnny said," no I want to take a bath right now." So she said," alright you can come in here as long as you don't look up or down."

Johnny said,"okay." Now being the curious person Johnny was he did it any ways. Johnny looked up and said," mommy whats those?" She said," mommys headlights." He said,"Oh okay." He looked down and said," mommy whats that?" She said," thats mommy's grass." He said okay and they had got out of the bathroom.

He had seen that his father was getting ready to take a shower so he had asked him," dad, can i take a shower with you?" He said," didn't you just take one with your mother?" Johnny said," yea but I want to take one with you." His fathr said," okay you can take a shower with me as long as you don't look up or down."

They got into the shower Johnny looked down and said," daddy whats that?" He said," thats daddy snake." He said okay and they had got out of the bathroom.

Later that nighthe had went into his parents room and said," mom,dad, can I sleep in here to night?" His parents asked," why you don't want to sleep in your own room?" he said because I am scared." His parents said," Okay as long as you don't look under the cover." Johnny agreed and he got in. He looked under the cover and said," Mommy turn on your headlights, theres a snake in your grass."


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CB7YR_Little Johnny and the Snake

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