Inspection Time!!!

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A man was cleaning his house for inspection that day, when the door bell rang. He rushed to the door and accidentally let the pet rabbit loose without knowing. He says “Come on in” Then the man turns around to see the cage door open. He tells the lady “Give me a sec it’s grandma”

The man runs toward the bathroom and looks around. He sees the bunny in the shower and Screams, “Get out of there you fucking old jack ass” The rabbit hops out and leaves a pellet of poop in the tub. The man yells “You better get back here you son of a bitch, I swear if you poop one more time in my house I will throw you into the back yard!!!” The rabbit hops over toward the trophy case and starts squealing. The man jumps on top of the rabbit and screams “That’s it your mine now, comes on. Stop pushing!!! Don’t you dare do that in my mouth!!!?”

The rabbit hops out the window and lands in some bushes and escapes. The relieved man says in a loud voice, “What a nice time we had together, I’ll never ever let you back into my house again, and so don’t get your hopes up!!!”

The tired man walks slowly over toward the inspector and says, “I’m glad you’re here. Please step right over here. I would like it if you would hurry this up because I got someone else to visit down at the shop.

The astonished Lady screams and faints!


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