Bum Deodorant

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this blonde walks into a chemist and says to the male shop assistant 'can i buy some bum deodorant please?' and the baffled assistant says to her puzzled 'bum deodorant ma'am? we've never had bum deodorant in stock' to which the blonde replies angrily 'yes you do! i bought some in here yesterday. i thought it was so brilliant that i would get some more'

she says this so loudly that the people around turn and look at the pair. the now very embaressed assistant says 'erm, ma'am. we've never had bum deodorant. ive never heard of it being made anywhere before. are you sure you got it from here?

at this point, the blonde becomes very irritated and says loudly 'are you calling me stupid? fine. i'll show you myself. i'll prove you have this bum deodorant and show you what you have in your own stock!!' and she proceeds to drag the poor assistant half way across the store to all the cosmetics and deodorants.

she then scans the aisle for a while, with people still turning and staring at them both, and finally grabs one of the deodorant sticks. she shoves it under the assistants nose

what does it say on the side???? 'Push-Up Bottom'


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CB1TG_Bum Deodorant

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