The Plane over Texas

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A plane is flying over Texas. The captain says," I'm sorry, but we are going down. The left wing engine broke, and we will go down. We sacrificed the luggage and unless one person sacrifices their life we won't live. And there is no parachutes."

A terrorist stands up and says, "Death to America!" And jumps off.

A few minutes later the captain comes up again," I'm sorry, but we are going down. The right wing engine broke, and we will crash unless one more person jumps off."

A Nazi stood up and said," Szingheid!" and jumped off.

A while later the captain says," I'm sorry, but we are seriously going down. The tail engine broke, and we will crash. If two people jumps off, maybe I can glide it in just over the border."

Two brave Texans stand up. They say with great valor, "Remember the Alamo!!!!" And they push off two Mexicans.


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