Tree of Knowledge

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There are three baby animals lost in a wood and they are all trying to find their Mummys. There is a mouse, a rabbit and a skunk and they decide to go to the tree of knowledge to ask it who their Mummys are.

So they get to the tree of knowledge and the mouse goes first, "Hello, please can you tell me what I am so I can find my mummy?" he says. The tree replies "Well you've got a long tail and big round ears, you are a mouse." "Thank you very much!" squeaked the mouse and ran off to find his mummy.

The rabbit went next, "Hello." she said "Can u please tell me what I am so I can find my mummy too?" "Well" replied the tree, "you've gota fluffy tail and long ears you, my little friend, are a rabbit." so the rabbit scampered off to find her mummy.

Only the skunk was left, "I guess you want to know what you are so you can find your mummy too" said the tree. "Yes please" said the skunk "well" said the tree "your not black, your not white and you stink, that's easy your a paki!"


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