it all started.............

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their was a man who lived on the 64th floor of a building one day he had a fillin his wife was cheating on him so he got of work early when he got home his wife was sweaty so he checked in the bathroom no one.So he went on the balkaney and seen someone dangeling from the window so he stump on his fingers and the man feel into a bus brakin his fall so the other man pushed a refrigerator out the window.The man in the bush died and the who pushed th refrigerator died of straing so in heaven at the gate god ask the first man how he died he said it all started on the 65th floor of my building when I was tap dacing and I sliped throught the window but luckly I caught the floor under me but before i could get up some one sted on my fingers and a bush broke my fall but the man pushed his refrigerator on me and that's how im heer.the nexted man said i died from straing i pushed therefrigerateor out the window and that's how i'm heer the next man came god ask how did he die the man said well it all started in a refrigarator.


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CAZ8S_it all started.............

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