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Kyle was on a dating show, the rules for the game were simple. Pick ONE girl for keeps. 3 woman appeared on stage, Kyle was impressed but not satisfied. Kyle, knowing the guy he is gives everyone a fair chance. So he give them each $5,000 dollars each to spend.

Contestant 1: Used her money to go to get a complete make over, thiking Kyle was the kind of the "She's fine and sexy forget the other 2 i pick her" type.

Contestant 2: Used her money to buy alot of gifts for Kyle, thinking Kyle was the kind of the "She's nice and generous, forget the other 2 i pick her" type.

Contestant 3: Used her money to invest, and got back 4x as much money had been given to her. And gave it to Kyle thinking Kyle was the kind of the "She's a money girl, she like the bling-bling" type.

At the end of the day kyle came to a desision that he had to make. He thought hard and he examined each one carfully. And said "I choose contestant 1" The other 2 contestants started complaining that she was a show off with no skills of her own. Kyle knowing how much of a nonskill fullness person she is, says" well, she's got bigger boobs!


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