Three Strings

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These three strings were having a hard time one night trying to buy a beer. It seemed that because they were strings, they weren't allowed to enjoy a beer upon entering a bar. The same excuse..."sorry, we don't serve strings in here" only made the strings more determined, but they always met with the same lack of success.

Exasperated, the leader of the strings had an idea. While his string friends looked on, the leader snipped both ends of himself and tied himself in a bowline.

"Follow my lead", he said to his buddies and entered a bar. "I'd like a beer please", he said to the bartender. And to his surprise, the bartender left and came back with a cool one.

Just as the string was about to sip his reward, the bartender asked, "pardon me, aren't you a string?" To which the string replied, "no I'm a frayed knot."


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CAPE_Three Strings

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