What the halo?

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When Mother Teresa died and went to heaven, she was met at the pearly gates by Saint Peter, and told to come right in, that "He" was expecting her. She went inside, and was met by a host of angels singing praises to her. These angels led her to a room in which God himself was waiting. Mother Teresa was humbled as God spoke of all the good she had done for the less fortunate masses on earth.

He went on to tell her that, in appreciation of all the good work she had performed, He had made a special halo just for her. It was bigger than all the other halos in heaven, and he wanted her to wear it proudly.

Mother Teresa, being the humble soul that she is, protested, saying that she only did what she did because she was trying to live a life worthy of Christ, and God replied that He was well aware of that, but just wear the halo, that it would make him happy.

So Mother Teresa went forth wearing the halo, and was the center of attention wherever she went. One day though, she saw someone with a much larger halo, and with interest picqued, she went to see who rated a halo larger than hers. It was none other Princess Di. This troubled Mother Teresa, and caused her to go to God to find out what Di did to rate a bigger halo.

"My Lord, I am not one to complain, and I am very humbled that I have been given such a large halo, but I feel I must ask, why would Princess Di have a larger halo than I?" "My child," the Lord answered, "that is not a halo, it's a steering wheel."


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