A Response to Telemarketer

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OK...... we have all heard those funny little responses to give to telemarketers when they call. However, We often never hear the results. So here is the stupidity of one telemarketer.

The phone rings...

Telemarketer: Hello, I'm from the xyz company, and i was wondering if you would be interested in our friends and family phone plan.

My dad: (Acting interested of course) Well, tell me more about this plan....

Telemarketer: (blabbing on) ....... and would I be able to sign you up for this today?

My Dad: Now for this plan... do you hvae to have a phone?

Telemarketer: Yes sir, you do.

Dad: Oh, well I am sorry, but we don't have a phone.

Telemarketer - Oh I am so sorry for bothering you.......click.

When tried on another telemarketer, they caught on....

Telemarketer: Then what are you talking on?

Dad: We can pick up calls on through the microwave.

Telemarketer: OH! Ok, well thank you for your time... click.


How funny is this joke, video, picture?


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by Captain B. 1+ years ago

My grandpa said that once. xDD There was also someone calling up about window somethingor-other, and he told them he lived in a tent.

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by Heather H. 1+ years ago

Ahaha Now THAT'S funny. I wish my parents wuold think of that stuff..

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