Actual Q's and A's on Family Fued

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Q: Something in the garden thats green? A: A shed.

Q: Something that flies that doesnt have an engine? A: A bicycle with wings.

Q: Something you could be allergic to? A: Skiing.

Q: Name a famous brige? A: The bridge over troubled water.

Q: Something a cat does? A: Goes to the bathroom.

Q: Something you can do in the bathroom? A: Decorate.

Q: Name an animal you might see at the zoo? A: A dog.

Q: Something associated with cops? A: Pigs.

Q: A sign of the zodiac? A: April.

Q: Something slippery? A: A con man.

Q: A kind of ache? A: Fillet 'O' fish.

Q: A food that could be brown or white? A: Potato.

Q: A potato topping? A: Jam.

Q: Something with a hole in it? A: A window.

Q: Non-living creature with legs? A: Plant.

Q: A domestic animal? A: Leopard.

Q: Part of the body that starts with "N"? A: Knee.

Q: A way of cooking fish? A: Cod.

Q: Something you open other than the door? A: Your bowels.

Q: Name something a blind person might use? A: A sword.

Q: Name a song with moon in the title? A: Blue suade moon.

Q: Name a bird with a long neck? A: Naomi Campell.

Q: Name a occupation that you might need a torch? A: A burgler.

Q: Name a famous brother and sister? A: Bonnie and clyde.

Q: Name a dangerous race? A: The arabs.

Q: Name a item or clothing worn by the tree musketeers? A: Horse.

Q: Name something that floats in the bath? A: Water.

Q: Name something you wear at the beach? A: A deck chair.

Q: Name something thats red? A: A cardigan.

Q: Name a famous cowboy? A: Buck rogers.

Q: Something you do before going to bed? A: Sleep.

Q: Something you put on the walls? A: Roofs.

and the best ever screw up on family fued is.........

Q: Name a number you have to memorize? A: 7.

Who let these people on the show??


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