Heaven and Room 8

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A man is ready to enter the pearly white gates of heaven and St. Peter asks, "Religion?"

The man answers, "Muslim."

St. Peter replies, "ok, go to room 23 but be quiet as you go by room 8."

The man says thank you and goes on his way. Another man enters and St. Peter asks, "Religion?"

The man tells Peter, "Buddhist."

St. Peter answers, "go to room 17 but be quiet as you pass room 8."

This man also thanks the Saint and goes to room 17. A third man comes and St. Peter asks, "Religion?"

The man answers, "Protestant."

St. Peter directs the man, "go to room 10 but be quiet as you pass room 8."

The man is curious and asks St. Peter, "St. Peter, I thank you for your direction and kindness but why must I be quiet as I pass room 8?"

"Well my brother," Peter replies "The Catholics are in room 8 and they think they are the only one here."


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