Simple Response to Telemarketers

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I get so sick of those telephone people calling all the time. "Yes this is Associates Credit and we want ..." Well, here is an effective way to get them to quit calling.

Caller: Hello this is (company or item being sold) and we would like to speak to (whoever). Are they available?

Me: Yeah. (Long silence) You wanna talk to em?

Caller: Um, Yes please. Thank you.

Me: Well, I'm not gonna give them the phone. (I was about 13 when I tried this)

Caller: Little girl, let me speak with you mother or ...

Me: Or what?

Caller: I just ..."

Me: hang on please ...

Caller: (mumbling) finally ... I hate kids ...

Me: (leaves phone unattended for ten minutes, picks up phone and to my surprise she is still there, disguise my voice) Hello, this is (whoever), may I help you?

Caller: Yes, I am from -

Me: Hold please

Caller: (sigh)

Me: (no longer disguising my voice but faking crying ten minutes later) I have no friends ... it would be nice to have a friend, seeing how persistent you are, maybe you would like to be my friend??

Caller: (exasperated) LET ME SPEAK WITH YOUR MOTHER!!

Me: UGH ok!

Caller: Jeez ...

Me: (leaves phone unattended for ten more minutes, disguises voice) Hello I'm back, I was in the bathroom. I have had this terrible pain in my stomach and it makes me -

Caller: MA'AM!! Hello, I am from (company) and I was -


Caller: Ma'am?? Ma'am is everything alright???? Ma'am!!

Me: Sorry, I saw what I thought was a bug. It was an old raisin. Do you like raisins? I like em, they do give me gas sometimes and -

Caller: Mrs. (whoever) I am from (company) and I was wondering -

Me: Why did you interrupt me? That was rude. I was just going to tell you that raisins get stuck in my teeth sometimes and my husband gets dia -

Caller: Ma'am I really am not interested in what happens when you eat raisins and -

Me: I am really not interested in whatever you want to sell me ... (no longer disguising my voice)

Caller: YOU! Please, I am begging you let me talk to your mother ...

Me: Oh ... She is not here. But, I still have no friends and ...:)

Caller: OGHUGHG!! (hangs up LOUDLY)

The funniest part of the story is my mother was sitting next to me the whole time holding another phone, listening to the whole thing .....


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by Rachel K. 1+ years ago

i bet she won't call again!

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by Kira K. 1+ years ago

To all who want to stop telemarketers from calling you register your phone number on it's free, but you have to register every three years.

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by man with n. 1+ years ago

myself I answer when they say who they are I say this is the city morgue can I help you.

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by L L. 1+ years ago

i guess this should be the reason why they have machines to do the talking now....

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by xJRich5 1+ years ago

This joke has been said 50 different times. you did not do this when you were 13

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by Alexandra C. 1+ years ago

poor me... telemarketers never call me, i wish they would so i cud do that :D haha lol

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by elly j. 1+ years ago

once, one hung up on me after about 20 seconds of me not answering them. it was funny =]

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by joyce t. 1+ years ago


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by nick j. 1+ years ago

I kept getting calls like that 3-4 times a day i said take me off the phone list they kept calling but i tried this almost an entire year no calls :)

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by chad b. 1+ years ago

gotta love pissing off those telemarketers

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