10 fun things to do at an airport or on an airplan

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1. In the bathroom make paper airplanes and throw them into stalls.

2. Say your in Northwest ask the lady at the front desk if this is Southwest.

3. Whisper quietly but loud enough for someone else to hear you, "Do you think we should blow up the plane now?"

4. Ask at the front desk if she could call someone up there named "bea reject."

5. If your in the back get up every minute and knock on the bathroom door and say, "Hey you having fun?"

6. Accidentally when you reach for the overhead compartment let your bag fall out onto someone's head.

7. Keep telling the steward in a French voice do you have any Grey Poupon.

8. Pretend to sing along but sing something stupid like "ketchup and mustard are yummy on bread" or "saggy butt cheeks saggy saggy butt cheeks."

9. Halfway through the flight go up to the pilots and say, "I think I left my coat at the airport could we turn around?"

10. Sit in the back and when people walk by stick your foot out.

11. (bonus) got to the bathroom and stay in there the whole flight making sex noises.


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by Klanes L. 1+ years ago

how many points do i get for doing the bonus

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C5ODH_10 fun things to do at an airport or on an airplan

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