Revisiting the Good Old Days

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There were these two old people in a restaurant. They were sitting there talking when the old husband said, "Hey honey, you remember when we first had sex? It was behind your old barn by the fence."

"Yes I remember," she said

"I was thinking," said the old guy "how about me and you going back out to that place and doing it again?"

She thought about it for a min and agreed. A younger man was sitting at the table beside them and was eavesdropping on their conversation and decided he had to see these two old people in there 80's get it on by an old barn next to a fence. So when they got up and left he followed.

The couple went down to the old barn and took off there clothes and the guy peeked around a tree and watched. The couple started going at it vigorously. He went after her like there was no tomorrow. The guy was amazed. They kept going for about 45 min, then lay on the ground tired out. After about 15 min they got up and got there clothes on. The guy standing there decided to ask the couple how they go such a long time at there age. So as the couple approaches the guy asks, "How do you go so long like that, I mean you've gotta be at least 80 something."

The old guy replied back, "Yep, 84, but when we first had sex here 50 years ago that damn fence wasn't electric."


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