Fun Things To Do At The Mall

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1. Go to the food court and take a sample of food. Come back 5 minutes later and take another. Do repeatedly. 2. In the dressing rooms, ask someone who works there if your butt looks big. 3. Go diving in the fountains and see how much money you can find before being kicked out. 4. Bring your scooter and ride around, honking your horn. 5. Go to the pet store and open all the cages. 6. Move all the WET FLOOR signs to carpeted area. 7. Walk around with a leash and ask people if they have seen "Fluffy". 8. Try to ride the up escelator down and down escelator up! 9. Go into Brookstone and sit in all the massaging chairs. 10. In the bathrooms, stick your hand under the stall next to yours and ask for some toilet paper. 11. Go into the hair salon and ask if you can cut the hairdresser's hair. 12. Shake your Coke cup and see how many people actually give you money. 13. Pretend your the clerk at a store and try to sell the other customers merchandise. 14. In the CD store, mix the CDs around so Mya is in the A's, Ja Rule in the P's, etc. 15. In the dressing room, when they ask how many always say 3 more items than you actually have. 16. In Bed, Bath, and Beyond put on pajamas and sleep in the display beds. 17. Spray all the testers in Bath and Body Works. 18. Blow out all the burning candles in White Candle Barn. 19. 2 words-BREAK DANCE. 20. Wink and smile at random people.


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