Moods of Woman vs. Man

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MOODS OF A WOMAN An angel of truth and a dream of fiction, A woman is a bundle of contradiction, She's afraid of a wasp, will scream at a mouse, But will tackle her boyfriend alone in the house.

She'll take him for better, she'll take him for worse She'll break open his head and then be his nurse But when he's well and can get out of bed She'll pick up the tea-pot and aim for his head.

Beautiful and keenly sighted, yet blind, Crafty and cruel, yet simple and kind She'll call him a king, then make him a clown, Raise him on a pedestal, then knock him flat down.

She'll inspire him to deeds that ennoble man, Or make him her lackey to carry her fan. She'll run away from him and never come back But if he runs away, then she'll follow his track.

Sour as vinegar, sweet as a rose, She'll kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose, She'll win you in range, enchant you in silk, She'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk

She's vague in her meanings, she doesn't compute She's tearful and complex, yet simple and cute. At times she'll be vengeful, merry and sad, She'll hate you like poison, and love you like mad.

MOODS OF A MAN only one word--- H O R N Y!!!


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