THC...More Commonly Known As Pot

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In my younger years, the personalized license plate was quite popular and finally my dad got me one to put on my car. Ever since I had that license plate, people started flagging me down, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why.

One day I went to a local ice cream shop with a friend and the plate was facing the window. As the guy was serving us, he asked, "Are you a drug dealer?" Offended, I asked him, "Where the hell did you get that idea from?" and he responded, "From you license plate."

I took a second look and didn't see a sticker of a pot leaf or joint that my siblings could've put on there, so I asked again, "What makes you think I sell drugs?" "Well...", he stalled reluctantly to tell me but continued, "your the main ingredient in pot!"

Nevertheless, I got rid of that plate but quick and was extremely careful in picking my childrens' names!


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C5BKB_THC...More Commonly Known As Pot

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