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When a woman says "Let's go for a drive.", the man thinks "Let's go to a porno flick." The woman actually means "Let go and get some things to fix up the house."

When a woman says "This place could use a little fixing-up.", the man thinks "She wants me to pick up my socks on the bedroom floor." The woman actually means "This house need a complete overhaul."

When a woman says "I love you.", the man thinks "She wants to have sex." The woman actually means "Respond in a tender, caring way."

When a man says "I'm having a few buddies over on Saturday night.", the woman thinks "He wants me to throw a party for his friends then clean up afterwards." The man actually means "You fix us some snacks then make yourself scarce until its time to clean up."

When a man says "I think I'll putter around in the garage today.", the woman thinks "He's going to look at his girlie magazines and take a nap." The man actually means "I'll be out in the garage with my secret stash of Playboy mags and my napping couch."

When a man says "I love you.", the woman thinks "Marraige committment." The man actually means "Let's have sex."


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