Protecting the Greenhouse

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Please note: No matter how pathetic this story sounds it's actually true.

One day, a man saw a stranger on his property. Ready to go to extreme measures, he pulled out his pistol and stopped the guy at gunpoint and called the police.

When the police arrived the man was still holding a gun to the stranger, who turned out to be a college student.

The police offier said, "Put the gun away and tell me the story."

The man said, "Well officer, I was watching TV in my basement when a pair of footsteps went by the window. I knew it was someone suspicious, so I sneaked out the back to see what he was up to. When I got out, I caught him running out of the greenhouse with the loot."

The policeman, seeing the student with a few plants began to get annoyed. "Is this really what you were stealing?" he asked the student.

However, before the student could answer, the man said, "Those aren't just any plants, those are my best pot plants!"


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