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On a cold, rainy Sunday morning, the church organist came down with the flu, so the substitute organist came in to the minister's office. "What should I play?" he asked. Obviously annoyed, the minister replied, "Well, my sermon is on forgiveness, so you can think of something to go along with that. But first, you'll have to let me make a few announcements. The organist walked into the sanctuary for the service.

When it came time, the minister walked up and said, "Okay, as you all know, there was a storm last night that damaged the roof of part of our building. We need money to repair this. If you are willing to donate $100, please stand." At that moment, the substitute organist played the Star Spangled Banner. And that is how the substitute organist became the full time organist.


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

Why is it the world never remembered the name of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern-schplenden-schlitter-crasscrenbon-fried-digger-dangle-dongle-dungle-burstein-von-knacker-thrasher-apple-banger-horowitz-ticolensic-grander-knotty-spelltinkle-grandlich-grumblemeyer-spelterwasser-kurstlich-himbleeisen-bahnwagen-gutenabend-bitte-ein-n├╝rnburger-bratwurstle-gerspurten-mit-tzwei-macheluber-hundsfut-gumberaber-shoenendanker-kalbsfleisch-mittler-aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm?

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