Big Chief No Fart

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An Indian chief was having a problem so he went to the tribeal Witch Doctor and said to him, "Big chief no fart!"

So the Witch doctor gave the chief a herbal mixture and said to him, "Drink this and come back in two days time."

Two days later the chief goes back to the Witch Doctor and says to him, "Big chief still no fart!"

So the Witch doctor sends the chief home with a more powerful mixture then the one before and says to him, "Drink this and come back in Three days Time"

Three days later the Chief goes back to the witch doctor rather upset and says, "Big chief in pain, still no fart!"

The Witch doctor gives him the strongest mixture he can find and says to the chief, "Drink this and come back in a week"

The next day the big chief's wife runs in and screams at the Witch Doctor, "BIG FART NO CHIEF!"


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