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Mac Truck

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A horny bachelor goes into a whore house one day. He goes up to the front desk an the lady there tells him that all whores are booked except for one. He is a little uneasy, but decides to try his luck anyway because he is so horny. He goes to the lady's room and starts fucking.

Immediatley, she starts yelling, "I can take a Mac Truck! I can take a Mac Truck!" He is confused, but keeps going. A few moments pass, and again, she yells out "I can take a Mac Truck, I can take a Mac Truck!" The man, realizing that there is plenty of room, sticks both his hands up in the girl's pussy. She still keeps screaming "I can take a Mac Truck! I can take a Mac Truck!" So he sticks his feet up there too. "I can take a Mac Truck!" she yells. Well, pretty soon, he is completely up the woman's pussy. He can still here her screaming as he tries to get out. Suddenly he heres the voice of another man behind him. "Hey, dude if you help me find my keys, we can get out of here."


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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C407O_Mac Truck

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