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Hey everyone, this is a fun test that will make you laugh. Take it and pass along the fun! Heres what you do. There's a total of 26 questions. In the first 13 answer the questions on a peice of paper. Then read the following 13 questions and answer IN ORDER the answers you put on your paper. It's funny!

The first 13 are answered on a peice of paper: 1. Name a boy or girl 2. Do you eat? 3. Name a number between 1-100 4. What's your favorite candy? 5. Name another number between 1-100 6. Name another boy or girl. 7. What's your favorite song? 8. Do you shower? 9. Do you prefer twins or triplets? 10. Do you go to school? 11. Name another boy or girl. 12. What is your favorite phrase? (ex. What's up...etc.) 13. Why do you go to school?

Now, answer these questions with the answers you put on your paper: 1. Who were you with last night? 2. Did you kiss? 3. How many times? 4. What did it taste like? 5. How old is he/she? 6. Did you tell anyone else? 7. What did he/she say? 8. Did you have sex? 9. What were the results? 10. Did you tell anyone else? 11. Who? 12. What did he/she say? 13. Why did you do it?


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