Mase-Wheeling Senior Citizen

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My story today, comes from the home of 82 year old Dorothy Schteckle. Dorothy was on her way home from shopping when she spotted three guys trying to break into her car! When she approached the boys, brandishing her pepper spray, the boys took off running! Dorothy gathered herself, took a deep breath, and got into her car. She attempted to start the car, only to find the keys wouldn't turn in the ignition! Well, that's because it wasn't her car. Her car was parked two isles down. But my story doesn't end there. Dorothy made her way to the police station to explain the misunderstanding because she felt terrible for mistaking their car for her own. But she got there only to find three petrified boys explaining how they had just been mugged by an evil, mase-wheeling, senior citizen ... and that's today's smooth move.


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