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A Good Man

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Today is Peggy's wedding day. She is getting nervous.

"Mom, how do I know that I'm marrying the right man?" said peggy "well honey, don't you love him and he loves you?" her mother said "Yeah I suppose so" said peggy. "Don't you plan to have kids one day?" Her mother said. "Well maybe." Peggy said. "Doesn't he take good care of you?" Her mother said. "Yes. But I just want to make sure." Peggy said. "Look everything will be fine. For goodness sakes this is your wedding day you are suppose to be happy." Her mother said. "Mom I know that. It's just that something seems strange about him asking me to marry him suddenly." Peggy said. "Come on honey, you only have 5 more minutes till the wedding starts." Peggy's mother said "Mom, I crying out for some advice. The least you can do is act like you care." Peggy said. "You know what? I can assure you that he's a good man. Any man that can make good love and eat pussy like he can and then turns down this good pussy for your young pussy is definetly a good man for you to marry."


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