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Where Did That Asshole Go?

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Two building workers works at the 27th floor of a building. While they were working, one of them suddenly needed a piss, and told the other worker about it.

-Well, then go to the toilet.

-No, I don't want to go! There's 27 floors down, and they're using the elevator for transporting materials now.

-Okay, then we'll just roll this iron bar to the edge of the building, and while I hold it tight, you'll go to the end of it and piss down.

The other worker liked this idea, and soon he was pissing from the iron bar. But while he pissed, it suddenly called in for lunch, and the worker who held the iron bar stood up, took his little bag of food, and went down to the 3rd floor for lunch.

When he came down, the boss was there and looked a little strange.

-Uh, you know, this guy you're working with at the 27th floor, is he gay?

-No, I don't think so, why?

-Well, I was standing here, looking out the window, and suddenly he came falling down, with his pants down and the dick in his hands, while he yelled "Where the hell did that asshole go?"


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