Wife Gets Double

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There was a guy who just got out of a really bad divorce with his wife. One day, he found a genie's lamp. The genie came out and said, "Hello master. I will grant you three wishes, but whatever you wish for your wife gets double."

The guy didn't like that part but he made a wish anyway. For his first wish, he said, "Genie, I want a house in Hawaii." POOF! He got one house, his wife got two. This didn't make him happy but, he made his second wish.

"Genie, I want 2 billion dollars." POOF! He got two billion, his wife four billion. By now, this guy isn't very happy. The genie says,"You have one wish left. I have to remind you, what ever you wish for your wife gets double." The guy says, "Yeah, yeah. I know." So the guy thinks real hard and says, "I got it! Genie, beat me half to death!"


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C3EWO_Wife Gets Double

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