My Little Leprechaun

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Johnny who didn't like use the school's bathroom so he went behind the school in the bushes. One day a couple of his friends were coming near him so Johnny quickly wiped his butt with his hands. His friends asked, "What's in your hand Johnny?" "My little leprechaun." "No, seriously what's in your hand Johnny?" "My little leprechaun." Then his friends got mad and said, "If you don't tell us what's in your hand then we'll tell the teacher." He replied, "My little leprechaun." So he was sent to his teacher

His teacher asked him the same question, "What's in your hand Johnny?" But all he said, "My little leprechaun." So she got mad with him and took him straight down to the principal's office.

The principal asked him, "So, Johnny, What's in your hand?" "My little leprechaun." "Johnny, please tell us what's in your hand." "My little leprechaun." "Johnny, if you don't tell me what's in your hand then I'm going to spank you!" Johnny replied with a simple, "My little leprechaun." So the principal spanked him and shit went flying every where. Johnny said to the principal, "Look what you did! You scared the shit out of my little leprechaun!"


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