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The Pissed off Cowboy

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One day after a cowboy had finished hearding up the cows and headed toward his destination, he stopped at a roadside restaurant. When he walked in the building was packed to the walls with the exception of one seat directly in the middle. The cowboy was seated, and immediately noticed a striking woman sitting next to him. He couldn't help but overhear her as she ordered her meal, "I'll have the breast of a virgin foul, make sure it's virgin, catch it yourself, and garnish it with onions, young spring onions. With that I'd like a cup of coffee, not too hot and not too cold. And oh, yes, waiter, could you please open a window, I smell a horse. There must be a cowboy in the house."

The cowboy, now extremely pissed off and not to be outdone, placed his order in a loud voice, "I'd like a duck, a well fucked duck, make sure it's fucked, fuck it yourself, and garnish it with horse shit. Next I'd like a coffee, strong as texan mule piss, and fart the foam off. And oh, yes, waiter, would you please knock down the walls. I smell cunt. There must be a whore in the house."


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C352N_The Pissed off Cowboy

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