Annoying Questions

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Here's what I don't get:

When you can't find something, someone says to you, "Where did you last have it?" Well duh! If I knew where I last had it I would have found it by now! And you actually think that I keep track of everywhere I go with something?

"Are you going to eat that or do you want me to eat it for you?" Oh, yeah, of course I'll let you eat my food. If I can't eat it, there's no point on wasting it on someone like you anyway. And I would've told you if I wanted you to eat it in the first place!

"Are you on the phone again?" No, I'm not! I'm just sitting here with the phone in my hands, talking to myself and the line is busy. What a stupid question! You could just say, "Why are you on the phone again", or "Get off the phone!" But why ask a question you know the answer to? How are you supposed to learn something that way?


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