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Crotchless Underwear

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This man goes to a bar after a long day at work to relax a little and have a few beers. Needless to say, the man loses track of time and becomes undeniably drunk.

Meanwhile, his wife prepares herself for a night of passion. Hoping to surprise her husband with a newly purchased neglig]e. This ensemble came complete with crotchless underwear, and extra special treat to please her homeward bound husband.

The husband stumbles into his driveway, as the wife scurries to finish applying her makeup and making sure everything is in its place. She stood by the doorway to the bedroom, with her elbow perched on the side, the other hand seductively on her hip, ready to be "swept off her feet." But the man trips into his living room, slurring words, barely able to see, takes a look at his wife and continues walking right past her into the kitchen.

The wife, confused by this, stops the man and says, "well, honey, don't you want this? It was supposed to be a nice surprise for you."

So the man looked her up and down again, and replied, "why would I want that?!? Look what it did to your underwear!"


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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C31US_Crotchless Underwear

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