New Blue Cheer

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This woman had just finished doing her laundry. When she heard a knock at the door. She went to answer it. There was a man at the door. He was dressed in a suit. The woman asked him what he wanted. "I'm here to tell you about a new product. It's called, "New Blue Cheer." Do you mind if I come in?" She, being a courteous person, showed the man in. He asked her to get a tub to put some water it for the cheer, then another for clean water to rinse. After the water tubes were set out, he asked her to get something dirty for him to wash. She had just finished doing the laundry, but didn't want to disappoint the man. She found a dirty blouse hanging up, and got it for him.

"Here, sir." "Now watch." He said as he put the blouse in the water that contained the cheer, "Wash, wash, wash, in New Blue Cheer, rinse, rinse, rinse, it looks like new, put it up to your nose, it smells like a rose." The blouse was clean and smelled like new. "Now you find something and try it." the salesman said. She looked all around and finally found another shirt. "Wash, wash, wash, in new blue cheer, rinse, rinse, rinse it looks like new, put it up to your nose it smells like a rose." she said. And the shirt was clean and smelled good. "I will do one more thing fo you." the man said. She went through the house and couldn't find anything, then she remembered she didn't change her underware in a few days. So she took it off and put on a clean pair. "Ok, here is something." she said. "Wash, wash, wash, in new blue cheer, rinse, rinse, rinse, it looks like new, hold it up to your nose it smells like a - Wash, wash, wash in new blue cheer..."


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