Lawyer and a Doctor (Impaired of Hearing)

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A lawyer and a doctor (both impaired of hearing) were riding a bus in New York, and here's an excerpt of the conversation they were having:

L: So you mentioned that you sue people all the time? D: Yes, sewing is part of my job. L: In that case I can give you my card, I could be useful to you. D: Sorry we do only livers. L: But I am alive, dont you think I qualify? D: But you look fine to me, and I don't see a reason to cut you? L: Well, I could sue you for saying that. I am kind of sensitive. D: Where did you learn that, I thought you spend most of your time in court? L: That's what they teach us to do in court. D: So do you have a nurse to assist you? L: Actually the nerds taught us a lot back in school. D: I think I really learned something today. My station has arrived, I will see you again. L: Perhaps we should switch our jobs, from what I learned today. D: Didn't I tell you before that we stitch only livers. L: Do you mean I am dead? Look I am really losing my patience. D: You are deaf too, well I think then we are friends.


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C2XYI_Lawyer and a Doctor (Impaired of Hearing)

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