The Priest's Mistake

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A preacher and an attorney were talking one day about the mistakes they made in their respective professions, and how they deal with them.

The lawyer boasted that because he was a lawyer if he made a really big mistake he just shuffled a few papers and pulled a few legal maneuvers and covered it all up. If it was a small mistake he just ignored it and went on with life. The attorney turned to the preacher and asked, "How do you do it, pastor?"

The pastor said, "If it is a really large mistake I just turn to the Lord and ask forgiveness." The attorney interrupted him and asked, "But what about small mistakes, how do you handle them?" The preacher replied, "Well, just last Sunday in my sermon I was quoting Jesus from the gospel of John chapter 8 where he said, "You are your father the devil, he was a liar from the beginning." Instead I said, "You are of your father the devil, he was lawyer from the beginning." Upon hearing this the lawyer became indignant and retorted, "Well how did you handle it?" The preacher replied, "It was such a small mistake that I just ignored it and went on."


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