God's Answer

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Samantha wanted a barbie doll, she didn't care what type as long as she got one!

Every night before bed she prayed to god and her request was to have a barbie doll. One night, a week before her birthday, she said in her prayer, "God, as you know my birthday is in a week and all that I want is A barbie doll! Amen." This prayer went on until the big night before her birthday. She opened all her presents: a play-house, a wagon, chocolates, and plasticine, but no barbie doll!

She did the same for Christmas and the New Years. Guess what? NO barbie!

Well, Valentine's Day was coming. One night her brother came in to Samantha's room. He said to her, "Sam, why do you bother? Your birthday came and passed, you didn't get a barbie doll. I don't think God is answering your prayers."

Samantha said in a quiet voice, "God IS answering my prayers. God is telling me "No!"


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