Leonid buys his first automobile

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Moscow, 1990 (before the Coup)

Leonid was a good father and husband who diligently saved his hard earned money for many years. Having accumulated enough savings, one day he goes to the Communist Headquarters in Moscow to request to order his first automobile, a new Lada:

Leonid says, "I have saved my money and would like to order a new Lada". Comrade answers as he thumbs through a thick ledger, "your a good 'worker' Leonid, let's see what we can do for you ...".

He runs his finger down one page after another, then states, "We can have your Lada ready on April 4th, 2002." Leonid scratches his head in thought, then asks, "Is that in the morning or afternoon?" Puzzled by the question, Comrade asks what difference it makes. Leonid responds, "Well, the plumber is coming in the morning that day."


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