Adam Sandler Quotes from Billy Madison

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"Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair." "Conditioner's better. I leave the hair silky and smooooth." "Oh really, fool?" "Really!"

"I am the smartest man alive!" After he spells couch in a 2nd grade spelling bee.

"What day is it today?" "October?"

"Stop looking at me Swan."

"Penguin? What are you doing here? It's too dang hot for a penguin to just be walkin' around here."

"O'Doyle Rules!"

"So SORRY to interrupt! Proceed!"

"Peeing your pants is the coolest! You ain't cool unless you're peeing your pants!"

"O'Doyle, I have a feeling your whole family is going down."

"T-t-t-today, Junior!"

" No I will not make out with you!"

"Don't worry penguin. All the people at the zoo are going to treat you real respectable like."

" Hahaha SHUT UP!"

"I wish I could go to High school, Billy!" " Don't you ever say that! stay here, as long as you can!"


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C2ARE_Adam Sandler Quotes from Billy Madison

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