How to Annoy Your Classmates

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1. Smile all the way through class. (If possible, sit by your best friend.)

2. Hum demented tunes while working and start singing O Canada.

3. Listen intently to whatever your friends say and blink your eyes and smile.

4. Cross your eyebrows and use funny facial expressions whenever someone is trying to explain something you don't understand.

5. Do something totally embarassing at your graduation party.

6. Wear too much perfume when you go to the mall and say "It was cheap."

7. Don't listen to the teacher when she's giving instructions but then say "What do you do?"

8. Look at everyone in awe and then yell out "What are you all looking at?"

9. During your class picture day, as the camera is ready to take the picture, kick the people in front of you and smile pretty.

10. Look over everyone extremely thoroughly before you make a decision to whom you would like on your softball team. Make sure that they all do the quiz before they make their way to the refreshment stand.


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C26NP_How to Annoy Your Classmates

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