Car's Sound System

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A guy went to the middle of nowhere and picked up one of those new Mercedes. He was testing it out in the parking lot, turned on the radio and nothing happened. Furious, he demanded to see the plant manager, and told her, "When I buy a $50,000 car I expect the damn radio to work."

The plant manager explained to him that the radio had been programed to his voice and all he had to do was tell the radio what he wanted to hear. Pretty neat stuff.

He got back into the car and said "Country music," and old Willie Nelson started singing.

"Rock and roll," he exclaimed, and immediately Elvis started crooning.

"Easy listening," he remarked, and at once it sounded like he was in an elevator.

He was relaxed, driving back to his home when a female driver cuts him off. He controls his temper but before he knows it another female driver cuts him off.

"Stupid bitches!" he screamed.

The radio immediately blurted out, "So tell me what you want, what you really, really want..."


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C22DB_Car's Sound System

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