Unruly Parrot

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Once there was a man who had a parrot who said nothing but, "Polly wanna cracker." The man got tired of hearing this from his pet so one day he let his parrot go and told it to go learn some new words and not to come back until he had.

So the parrot began his journey and the first place that he saw was a mechanics body shop, so the parrot flew into the garage and he heard the mechanic say, "Man, it is hot as hell in here!!" So the parrot continued on his trip and kept repeating, "Man it is hot as hell in here!!"

The next place the parrot flew by was a baseball stadium, and he heard someone yell, "Let it fly!" So the parrot continued on his journey saying, "let it fly, let it fly!"

The next day the parrot flew over a farm and he overheard a farmer telling his workhand to look at that cow lying over in the pasture. The farmer told his farmhand, "Go over there and kick that ol' bitch and see if she is alive." So the parrot went around saying that as well.

On the way back to his home the parrot stopped by a church to see what was going on. Once he entered the church, the parrot loudly said, "Man, it is hot as hell in here." The preacher immediatly stopped preaching, turned around and said, "You hush your mouth or I will throw the good book at you." So the parrot proudly reiterated, "Let it fly, let it fly." About that time, the big fat lady that was playing the piano fainted and hit the floor very hard. "Go over there and kick that ol' bitch and see if she is alive." shouted the parrot.


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