Stupid People...As in Not Smart....

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Rachel's blonde roommate had to make an emergency phone call to home and her pre-paid calling card had expired. I suggested she call collect. She picked up the phone, looked at me bewildered, and asked, "What's the number to 1-800-COLLECT?"

Traci tells me this story about herself: "I'd locked myself out of my car. I watched the locksmith work with that wire that slides under the window and then pushes up the lock. I asked him, 'that goes under the window, huh? What do you do if the window is down?' I swear, sometimes I embarrass myself."

Stephanie tells: "When my husband and I were living in Memphis we ordered Duck Breast from the local 5 star restaurant. I like my duck cooked rare, so I inquired, 'would that be rare duck?' The waiter replied, 'No, it's just a regular old duck--local, I think.'"

Steve relates the story about the time he was a chauffeur for a limousine service. "This Judi was totally impressed with the bar, the interior lights, the mirrored ceiling--everything in the stretch-limo. Then she noticed the TV. There was a show she really wanted to see that evening and asked me in all seriousness: 'the TV does get cable, right?'"

BBSOC said he teaches public high school. "As a Viet Nam Vet I was telling the students about an especially emotional visit to the Viet Nam Memorial in DC. A girl raised her hand and asked me if I was able to find my name on the wall."

Andrea told me that while she was playing cards her friend called. Her friend said, "What are ya playing?" Andrea said, "Solitaire." He friend (Judi?) said, "Yeah? Who are you playing with?"


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