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Chomp Chomp Bird

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A woman's parrot died one day and she went to the pet shop to get a new pet. The store clerk offered her lots of different options but she refused all of them saying that she wanted something different. He pointed to a normal looking parrot in the corner of the store. "Ya right!" "It's a special bird. It's called the chomp-chomp bird." "What is so special about that?" "Tell it to chomp chomp anything and it will eat it!" "Let me try it. Chomp chomp desk." CHOMP! CHOMP! The bird ate the desk! The woman proceaded to buy it for two hundred dollors.

When she got home she took it to her husband's office and said, "Chomp comp desk!" CHOMP! CHOMP! The bird ate the desk. When her husband came home he saw the bird and said, "You and your pets. When one dies you have to get a new one!" He went to his office and saw his desk missing. He called for his wife and asked, "Where is my desk?" "The Chomp Chomp bird ate it." She was holding the bird and her husband yelled, "Chomp chomp bird my ass!" CHOMP! CHOMP!


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