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Beach Tree or Birch Tree

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One day deep in the woods a birch tree asked a birch tree, "Do you see that sprout over there? I wonder if it is a son-of-a-beach or son-of-a-birch?" The beach tree said, "Gee, I don't know, let's ask the woodpecker."

So, when the woodpecker came flying by the beach tree said, "Mr. Woodpecker, can you do us a favor? You see that sprout over there? We would like to know if it is a son-of-a-beach or a son-of-a-birch!"

And the woodpecker said, "I guess I will." So he flew over to the sprout and he pecked on it a couple of times and then he pecked on it a couple more times. Then the beach tree asked the woodpecker, "Do you know what it is?" And the woodpecker said, "I'm not really sure. Let me try it again." So he pecked on the little sprout again. And he pecked on it again. Finally, the little woodpecker flew up the beach tree and he told them, "I am not really sure if it is a son-of-a-beach or a son-of-a-birch. But I am sure it is the best piece of ash I have had my pecker into in a long time."


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