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I Wouldn't Ask That...

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A woman was getting out of her car when a man grabbed her from behind with a gun to her head. The man turned her around and let her go with the gun still pointed at her. The woman didn't know what to do so she just stood there stunned. The man then forced her into her garage where he demanded she remove her clothes. She said, "I wouldn't ask that if I were you." He snapped back, "Just do it or I'll kill you." So she proceeded to remove her clothing down to her underwear and bra. He then ordered her to remove her bra. She again said, "I wouldn't ask that if I were you." He was starting to get annoyed and shouted, "Just do it!" So she did and what a wonderful sight to him perfectly round firm breasts which he started to touch and kiss all while pointing the gun to her head. When he couldn't stand it anymore he demanded she remove her panties. She once again said, "I wouldn't ask that if I were you." He yelled back, "Just do it or I will blow your head off." As she proceeded to pull her panties down what a gruesome sight to behold. The man observed a rashy, pus filled, smelly, pussy. He was so shocked he dropped his gun, which the woman quickly picked up. She then pointed it at the man and said, "Eat me."


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categories: sex, sexuality





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